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Dr. Leather Liquid Cleaner - 1L

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As a result of being coated with synthetic resins, modern leather does not need to be conditioned with oil-rich products, but does need to be kept clean. Many manufacturers still use a two stage process to achieve this, making use of a cleaner (that does the cleaning) and a conditioner (that restores the suppleness of the coating afterwards). Dr Leather have taken a different approach to this issue and developed a single product instead, which cleans deeply without degrading the coating, and thus leaves modern leather looking, feeling and smelling like new.
Dr Leather Liquid Cleaner is a water-based cleaning solution for modern leather upholstery. By making use of a unique blend of biodegradable and non-toxic chemical cleaning agents, it deep cleans the protective top-coating of modern leather without degrading it any way. As a result, Dr Leather Liquid Cleaner restores the original look and feel of modern coated leather, without necessitating the use of a conditioner. Furthermore, it also incorporates an aromatic component that restores an authentic freshly vegetable tanned leather scent.
More Information
How To Use Dr Leather Liquid Cleaner should be sprayed on to surfaces to be treated and then agitated gently using a PB Cleaning Brush; this will produce a lather that will discolour as engrained dirt and grime is progressively released. To complete the cleaning process, wipe away the lather using an Atomiza Microfibre Work Towel and then leave the leather to dry fully before driving your car. Please note that this product is designed specifically for use on modern coated leather, and is not suitable for use on suede and other types of unfinished leather.
Inhoud 1000ml
adds_protection Nee
Dilution Niet
Use Manual
pH-waarde 9
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