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Shipping & Returns made simple

We've fine-tuned our checkout options to make it as simple as possible!
Here's a run-down of what happens after you've clicked ORDER:


Our system is First In First Out. It takes 1-3 working days to get your order made and sent. All orders are processed weekdays, 09.00 - 16.00.

Want to skip the queue? Pick Express Shipping and you'll be next out the door.


You'll get an email once your order is packed, scanned and awaiting pick-up.

We choose the most efficient delivery service based on the country we're delivering to.


Your next email will be a tracking number to follow the delivery to your doorstep or Pick-Up Point.

Check the Standard & Express shipping durations to European countries below.
Country Standard Shipping Order <€50 <€100 <€250 >€250 Express
Austria 1-2 days €15 €10 €5 FREE €15
Belgium 1 day €5 FREE FREE FREE €15
Bulgaria 4 days €25 €20 €15 €10 n/a
Croatia 3 days €25 €20 €15 €10 n/a
Czechia 2-3 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Denmark 2 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Estonia 3-5 days €25 €20 €15 €10 n/a
Finland 3-4 days €25 €20 €15 €10 n/a
France 2-3 days €10 €5 FREE FREE €15
Germany 1-2 days €15 €10 €5 FREE €15
Greece 5-6 days €25 €20 €15 €10 n/a
Hungary 2-3 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Ireland 3 days €25 €20 €15 €10 n/a
Italy 2-4 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Latvia 3-4 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Lithuania 3-4 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Luxembourg 1 day €5 FREE FREE FREE €15
Monaco 2-3 days €10 €5 FREE FREE €15
The Netherlands 1 day €5 FREE FREE FREE €15
Poland 2-3 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Portugal 3-4 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Romania 3 days €35 €30 €25 €20 n/a
Slovakia 3 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Slovenia 2 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Spain 3 days €20 €15 €10 €5 n/a
Sweden 3 days €25 €20 €15 €10 n/a

Our Pick-Up Point preference.

Our passion for cars leaves a mark on the environment, and so does delivering packages all over Europe.

To compensate for this we'd like to encourage you to select the Pick-Up Point option at checkout if you can. Grouping deliveries saves everyone time, and you can pick up your products any time you like, very close to your house.

Who's delivering my products?.

Based on your country, order size & weight, time of day, day of the week, we'll calculate the best delivery service for your order.

One less decision you have to make, simply leave it up to us and our trusted delivery partners!

What is
Express Shipping?

By selecting Express Shipping, you speed up your order at WAX-IT and with the delivery service.

Jump the queue at WAX-IT - this means that if you order before 16.00 your products will be sent THE SAME DAY.

Your delivery service will also be advised to use their Express service, whoever we send with.

Noticed some damage?

If you see the damage when you receive the delivery, simply refuse the delivery.
If you have received a damaged delivery you must notify us within 1 week with the following: description, product list, detailed photos & barcode.
Once you have confirmation from the postal service we'll let you know which products can be refunded, replaced or sent back.

Returning Products

For general returns you have 14 days to notify us with your name, order number and details of which goods you would like to return and why. The 14 day period begins the day that the goods are delivered. This is on the condition that you haven't used or spoiled the goods in any way, and can return them in the original packaging. If there is a fault with the contents of your delivery you also have 14 days to notify us so we can correct or address the issue.

Personalised goods, limited edition products & gift cards are all non-refundable.

DAMAGED GOODS: Please note that for damaged goods we have another process, whereby you have 7 days to notify us with full details. We will then open a new case with the postal service and inform you of the next steps.
You must inform us that you wish to return items (as stated under The 14 Day Rule) before returning goods so that we can effectively process your return. You will receive your refund within 14 days of this email, unless the goods are damaged on arrival. If you don't receive your money, please contact our Sales Team.

Please include:
1 Order number
2 Name
3 List of items that you wish to return
4 Reason for delivery
The goods must be returned undamaged and in original packaging. They must be safely packed in an appropriately sized box and sent. You are responsible for safely returning the goods within 14 days of notifying us to WAX-IT, Westerring 27i, 9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium.

If the goods are unacceptably returned to WAX-IT or damaged in any way, we have the right to refuse the refund.
For damaged goods we have a seperate process:

Firstly, if the damage is clear to see at delivery you have the right to refuse the delivery. If you don't have the chance to refuse delivery or the damage is only inside the box then we will need you to inform us within 7 days with the following:

1 Order number
2 Name
3 Description
4 List of damaged products
5 Detailed photos (inside & outside the box)
6 Photo of the barcode

We will open a case with the delivery service and let you know exactly what will happen next, whether the products can be sent back, replaced or refunded.