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Rupes UHS Easy Gloss Compound - 1000ml

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Designed for scratch resistant and ultra high solid ceramic paints, RUPES UHS Easy Gloss Compound removes light to moderate defects and leaves a high-gloss finish in just a single step. It's therefore ideal for enhancement duties on modern Germanic paint finishes (with the notable exception of all cars produced by Porsche), and delivers great results on harder conventional paint types too. It works by using robust, precision-milled abrasives to cut away a very thin layer of paint. Long lasting lubricants maximise its working time and restrict dusting to a barely noticeable minimum, while its filler-free formula ensures that defect removal is permanent rather than temporary.

Rupes UHS Easy Gloss Compound

  • Speciaal ontwikkelt voor krasvaste en ceramische lakken.
  • Een-staps-product voor snel resultaat.
  • Voorzien van zelfreinigende dop.
  • Inhoud 250ml.

De nieuwe Rupes Ultra High Solid (UHS)  Surface Polishing Compound is specifiek ontwikkeld voor krasvaste en ceramische lakken. I.c.m. de UHS Foam Polishing Pad. UHS Easy Gloss laat een mooie finish achter waardoor je in een stap klaar bent.

Plus d'Information
How To Use RUPES UHS Easy Gloss Compound forms part of the RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishing System, and gives best results when used in conjunction with RUPES UHS Easy Gloss Pads (Grey) and RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishers. Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per 18” x 18” area, and these should be worked in thoroughly at 4000-5000 orbits per minute (speed 5-6 on RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishers) until only a thin film remains. This film should then be buffed off using a PB Super Buffing Towel.
Capacity 1000ml
Cutting Factor 7 / 10
Adds Protection No
Fillers No
Gloss Factor 8 / 10
Use By Machine
Machine Use Dual Action
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