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Rupes Blue Microfiber Cutting Discs

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À partir de 11,00 €

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Nom de Produit Quantité
Rupes Blue Microfiber Cutting Disc - 130/150mm
14,00 €
Rupes Blue Microfiber Cutting Disc - 150/170mm
19,50 €
Rupes Blue Microfiber Cutting Disc - 80/100mm
11,00 €
RUPES 150 mm BigFoot Microfibre Pads are manufactured using a patented moulding process in which a polyurethane resin is injected directly into a bevelled mould delineated by the hook and loop fastening material and the microfibre fabric itself. As a result, the resin adheres directly to both materials to form a stable and secure bond without the use of adhesives. Once the moulding process is complete, each RUPES 150 mm BigFoot Microfibre Pad is then die-cut to produce evenly spaced spiral slots and a centering hole. The purpose of these slots is not only to form an efficient airflow pathway for effective heat dissipation, but also to lighten the weight of the pad and thus better balance it on the machine. Furthermore, the innovative spiral design also helps to ensure controlled and even spreading of the polishing compound on the paint surface. Two grades of RUPES 150 mm BigFoot Microfibre Pads are available, which are designed (and colour coded) to perfectly complement two of the polishing compounds in the RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishing System (Zephir Gloss and Keramik Gloss).
Plus d'Information
Capacity 1 stuk
Size 80mm / 125mm / 150mm
Use By Machine
Machine Use Dual Action
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