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Rupes X-Cut Abrasive Disc - 75mm

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Rupes 75mm X-Cut Abrasive Disc - 3000
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Rupes 75mm X-Cut Abrasive Disc - 1500
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Rupes 75mm X-Cut Abrasive Disc - 2000
2,00 €
RUPES 75 mm X-Cut Abrasive Discs comprise a unique multi-functional patented sanding material that leaves a smooth, even sanding haze that polishes out easily. Because these discs are soft and flexible they absorb minor off-axis movements and thus help to ensure that an even amount of paint is removed with each pass. Consequently, they are ideal for performing heavy correction work on both flat panel areas and curved surfaces.
Plus d'Information
How To Use Wetsanding is a specialist paint rectification process that requires a significant amount of hands on training to properly master, and should not be attempted until sufficient experience has been gained through practice on scrap panels. Furthermore, because it usually involves a relatively high degree of paint removal, it should only ever be undertaken in conjunction with a properly calibrated paint thickness gauge. For these reasons, we suggest that anyone wishing to learn how to wetsand seeks professional training in the first instance, as there is a limit to what can be learnt by reading online and, in our opinion, wetsanding falls well beyond it.
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