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Rupes Diamond Ultra Fine Gel Compound - 1L

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RUPES Diamond Gloss (Ultra Fine Gel Compound) is an ultra-fine abrasive gel designed to maximise surface gloss. It works by using precision-milled aluminium oxide particles to burnish painted surfaces to perfection. Long lasting lubricants maximise its working time, making the jewelling process easy and enjoyable. The ultra-fine abrasives cut paint back at the finest scale imaginable, smoothing out any micro-defects and creating the flattest possible finish. As a result, light plays over the paint much more evenly, making it look as deep and reflective as physically possible.

No matter how good your sealant or wax is, you will not achieve a perfect looking finish unless you spend time polishing it properly first. And not just until you think it looks good either. You need to keep going, refining it further and further. If you do, something magical will eventually happen: the clearcoat will end up looking like it's sitting proud of the paint finish. Its smoothness and glass-like clarity and depth will amaze you, and you will know perfection. If this is what you seek, RUPES Diamond Gloss (Ultra Fine Gel Compound) and a dose of patience will get you there. Just do it!

More Information
Inhoud 1000ml
Cutting Factor 1 / 10
Fillers Nee
Gloss Factor 10 / 10
Use Machine
Machine use Excentrisch
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