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Rupes Bigfoot LHR 21 Mark.III

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The RUPES LHR 21ES BigFoot Polisher is a CE approved 230 volt UK specification dual action polisher with a difference. In contrast to many of the low cost dual action machines currently available, the LHR 21ES features a gigantic 21 mm throw (most dual action polishers feature a throw of 8 mm or less). As a result of having a much longer throw, the LHR 21ES increases the effective cutting power of any given pad and polish combination (because the abrasives are worked across a much larger area per oscillation). The net effect of this is that the LHR 21ES does more cutting in less time, and this effect is further enhanced by the use of a 150 mm proprietary backing plate that is designed to accept RUPES 180 mm BigFoot Polishing Pads. Indeed, RUPES actually designed the LHR 21ES with bodyshop environments in mind, where polishing large areas to a high standard in the shortest possible time is critical to profitability.

Given the above design philosophy, it should come as no surprise that the RUPES LHR 21ES BigFoot Polisher also incorporates a number of other innovative features that are of equal benefit to professionals and enthusiasts alike. These include a lightweight low profile body with a beautifully shaped head that is supremely comfortable to grip, and speed controls that are all within easy reach of the main control handle. Furthermore, by developing a proprietary backing plate and a complementary range of pads, RUPES have produced a beautifully balanced machine that is incredibly smooth and largely free of the horrible vibrations usually associated with dual action polishers. This means that the LHR 21ES can be safely controlled with just one hand (which is useful when polishing large roofs and bonnets) and can be used for lengthy periods without causing hands and fingers to become numb or affected by pins and needles.

As the above description indicates, the RUPES LHR 21ES BigFoot Polisher forms part of an innovative system of dual action machines and colour coded pads and polishes (collectively termed the RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishing System) that has been designed and engineered from the ground up to produce optimal results in minimal time whilst simultaneously maximising user comfort and safety. In line with this, RUPES do not sell their BigFoot polishers separately. Rather, they make them available in pre-bundled kits containing complementary BigFoot polishing pads, cutting compounds and accessories. Currently, three pre-bundled kits featuring the RUPES LHR 21ES BigFoot Polisher are available, and the contents of these are described in full below. Please note that the machine supplied in each kit comes with a one year return to base warranty, but in the event of a fault developing this warranty will only be honoured if the machine has been used exclusively with RUPES BigFoot accessories and spare parts; non-observance of this requirement automatically terminates the warranty.

RUPES LHR 21ES BigFoot Polishing Kit - Deluxe Edition


1 x RUPES LHR 21ES BigFoot Polisher

1 x RUPES 180 mm Coarse BigFoot Polishing Pad (Blue)

1 x RUPES 180 mm Medium BigFoot Polishing Pad (Green)

1 x RUPES 180 mm Fine BigFoot Polishing Pad (Yellow)

1 x RUPES 180 mm Ultra Fine BigFoot Polishing Pad (White)

1 x RUPES Zephir Gloss (Coarse Gel Compound) (250 ml)

1 x RUPES Quarz Gloss (Medium Gel Compound) (250 ml)

1 x RUPES Keramik Gloss (Fine Gel Compound) (250 ml)

1 x RUPES Diamond Gloss (Ultra Fine Gel Compound) (250 ml)

1 x RUPES Semi Rigid BigFoot Storage Bag

1 x RUPES BigFoot Buffing Towels (Pack of 4)

1 x RUPES BigFoot Apron


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